Cocktail dreamers is dedicated to bringing you the most exciting cocktail experience you have ever had. We specialize in parties large and small, private and public events. Our attention to detail, great personality and outstanding cocktails really set the precedent for a over the top fun experience.

Cocktail Catering
Private/Public Mixology Classes

We can offer services from 20 to 200 plus people for cocktail catering. We bring years of knowledage and expereince in the field of mixology and promise to deliver a outstanding experience. No matter the size we can accomadate and pull off a unforgetable event

One of our favorite things to do is to let people know that cocktails are more than just a little liqor and a mixer. We love offering classes for private and public events where we showchase a set list of cocktails of your choosing. The '' Cocktail Experience '' is not just simply standing by and watching your drink be expertly prepared. It's a hands on interactive session where you will learn about the history of the ingrendients of the cocktails and the method behind it 

Menu Design

Our team has worked for years in the craft cocktail scene and restaurants. We offer consulting and training of bar staff on proper procedures and techniques to help build a outstanding menu. Our speciality is to elminate waste and build a strong customer base. We not only can build the menu and train the staff but we also excell in producing beautiful menu layouts.

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